• Support HR 1 and SB 1 -the voting rights acts- by expressing your support! Also there will be many bills being introduced under the Biden administration, from sensible gun legislation to infrastructure funding. Make sure your voice is heard!

    Contact our representatives:

    Joe Manchin
    Shelley Moore-Capito
    Alex Mooney

  • ATTEND MEETINGS: Attend the county commission meetings every month to observe and keep RCDW informed. The commission meets the first and third Thursday of each month at the Courthouse Annex.
  • FILL THE BLESSING BOXES: Help our local community by filling the Blessing Boxes once a month. There are five boxes: First Methodist Church (Kerens Ave.) Woodford Memorial Methodist Church (First Street), City Hall (Davis Street), Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church (Randolph & Sycamore), and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (First Street). 
  • FOLLOW LEGISLATION: The RCDW needs a bill tracker to follow bills currently being debated in the state legislature and letting us know who to contact (with their information) about either supporting or opposing the bill.
  • WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Write letters to the Intermountain newspaper if there is something you feel should be applauded or an issue you feel will be damaging to WV. There is often the same two negative writers spreading misinformation to the public. We need balance. 
  • RUN FOR OFFICE: Think about possibly running for office in 2022. There is a great need to gut the super majority in Charleston.  The RCDW will help you! 

Please consider helping with one or more of these initiatives. We can do a lot if we work together! Contact Cindy Stemple, President, for more information.